Egypt goes on—where?

Cairo court adjourns prominent protesters‘ case


Political activist Ahmed Maher displays a T-shirt reading „Dropping the law on demonstrations“ at his trial | Photo: AFP/ Mahmoud Khaled 

Three activists at the forefront of Egypt’s 2011 uprising have gone on trial over an unlicensed and violent demonstration.

After an opening session that lasted almost four hours, the court in Cairo said on Sunday that it would deliver its verdict on December 22 in a case that has widened opposition to the government beyond supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi.
Ahmed Maher, Ahmed Douma and Mohamed Adel are the first secular activists to go on trial amid a massive months-long crackdown on Morsi supporters following the  military’s July 3 overthrow of the country’s first democratically elected leader.
They are also charged with violating a controversial new law that bans all but police-sanctioned protests.
Rights groups have cast the trial as an extension of the government’s crackdown on public dissent less than three years after Hosni Mubarak was toppled by massive pro-democracy protests.
Maher is the founder of the April 6 youth movement that led the revolt against Mubarak. All three defendants were leading dissidents under Mubarak and  supported the military’s overthrow of Morsi, whom they accused of betraying the 2011 uprising.
The activists face charges including assaulting police officers and joining a protest without seeking a police permit as required by the new law.
source: Al Jazeera live Blog Egypt

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