Wer hat die groessten Pyramiden der Welt?

When we speak of pyramids the first place that comes to mind is “Egypt,” as great and well-known pyramids are found there. Another set of Pyramids are found in Mexico, but the one in China which is less popular has the same concept as the other known pyramids, but are greater in height and was by far the largest pyramid in the world.

Located within 100 kilometers of the city of Xi’an, on the Qin Chuan Plains in the Shaanxi Province, Central China are ancient pyramids used as mausoleums and burial mounds to house the remains of several emperors and their imperial relatives. It has an astonishing height of 1,000 feet. It was multi-colored when built many millennia ago, and now is dusty white thus, it was called the “White Pyramid of China,” and there are approximately 100 of these pyramids there.


In 1912, Fred Meyer Schroder and Oscar Maman, both were travel agents, reported an incredible building that they had seen in China. According to their report the big pyramid is about 1,000 feet high and roughly 1,500 feet at the base, which makes it twice as large as any pyramid in Egypt. The four faces of the structure are oriented with the compass points.


During the Second World War, James Gaussman and his co-pilot of the American Air Force experienced a technical defect on their plane, and for several minutes they flew over a specific territory in China looking for a perfect place to land. Later he reported something completely unbelievable. He said „I banked to avoid a mountain and we came out over a level valley. Directly below was a gigantic white pyramid. It looked like something out of a fairy tale. It was encased in shimmering white. This could have been metal, or some sort of stone. It was pure white on all sides. The remarkable thing was the capstone, a huge piece of jewel-like material that could have been crystal. There was no way we could have landed, although we wanted to. We were struck by the immensity of the thing“.

On Emperor’s Shi Huangdi’s tomb, the pyramid’s interior is amazingly elaborate. The ceiling of the emperor’s tomb chamber is encrusted with thousands of glittering precious jewels to recreate the constellations of the heavens. The great seas and rivers were all imitated by means of flowing mercury, and there were machines which made it flow and circulate. On the floor the geography of the earth was represented. The emperor’s tomb chamber was meant to be a living replica of his empire, including both the earth and the heavens. The tomb was well-protected against grave robbers, with a range of hundreds of crossbows built with mechanical triggers targeted to kill anyone who broke into the tomb. For the other emperors, their tomb chambers are made different; all with different defenses also to guide the tombs from robbers.

The Pyramids of China will remain evidence of their glorious past, and one of the world’s amazing wonders in the field of archeology and a great place to visit and see.

***All images used are from Google Images


Quelle: http://archaeology.knoji.com/the-amazing-white-pyramid-of-china/


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